This raddled old analogue Tele-Droid (with integral stand) was encountered late last Friday evening loitering on a residential street in Clapham. It had a rather glum bearing so perhaps earlier had been asked to leave (or forcibly ejected from) a local licensed premises. The droid seemed unresponsive to offers of help and polite inquiries regarding its wellbeing, so we reluctantly left it to its own devices.
NB its 3-pin tail had been docked and we believe it was pre-doofer vintage.
Innes Morton further adds:
Its a Bang & Olefson Beovision 5500 (or 5502) from the early 80’s and actually did come with a (oddly shaped) doofer. I wouldn’t normally know rubbish like this but i have one, quite gleeful to see one elsewhere.

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