If you are interested in documenting Homeless Droids in your area, please observe the following rules:

  • A droid must have electronic/electro-mechanical components with in it’s build
  • A droid must have been originally devised to help it’s human creators
  • Use caution when considering human interaction during any droid encounter. Ideally gather photographic evidence of the droid, but do not disturb them or the environment you find them in. Never attempt to add props to your droid photos or stage aspects of your encounters – it can cause the droids distress and they may become hostile.
  • More advanced droid encounters can include basic mechanical investigations to see if the droid is operable, in need of basic on street repairs or more simply new power cells.
  • Advanced workshop-based repair of droids is possible but must be conducted only by advanced droid spotters only.
  • Resale of salvaged or fully repaired droids is forbidden, lost droids may only be used in the home for their original intended purpose.
  • Droids should not be harmed unless they are deemed to be a danger to themselves or humans. Only in rare cases of a droid showing self awareness or hostility should it destroyed.
  • Email your photographs of homeless droids to¬†